Water Polo

What is Water Polo? The reasons you should practice this sport (Part 2)

Basic Water Polo rules

For a water volleyball match to take place, there must be players, referees and water balloons. The players move underwater, pass the ball and throw the opponent’s goal into groups. Each team will have different tactics and formations like football. However, it is physically demanding and is considered the most difficult sport to play.

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The water ball has 4 rounds, each round lasts 7 minutes (does not count the time of the ball). The number of players officially participating in the competition of each team is 7 people (of which 6 are the main ones, 1 is the keeper of the goal). Players wear swimwear and wear protective helmets when playing.

Each point of throwing a ball into the opponent’s goal will be counted 1 point. During the competition the athletes must not touch the feet and the sides of the lake. The goalie can catch the ball with two hands and the other players can only use one hand to pass and throw the ball.

The rules also include catch offside, bad play, penalty, etc. It is necessary to use yellow cards and red cards to disqualify the athletes. The distance from the throwing point to the goal is 4m.

Water polo’s court

Normally the water volleyball court will have an area of ​​20 x 30m. In the game field, there are 2 subjects and each goal is 3m wide and 0.9m high compared to the water surface.

Water Polo Court can be installed and used in many different places. Especially they have many different colors, waterproof and fireproof. So they can be used for many large and small water polo tournaments.

Unlike other sports, water polo ball is played very little by location. Players will often fill some positions throughout the game as required. These positions often have central strikers, 1 central defender, 2 winger and 2 riders.

Skillful players can play offensive or defensive positions known as utility players. They tend to get off the bench although this is not absolute.

Above is the basic information about water polo. This is an interesting sports you should try playing!