What is kayaking? Things to know about Kayak (Part 2)

When to go kayaking?

Spring, summer and autumn are the perfect time to enjoy a comfortable kayaking ride. Warm weather is usually recommended over cold weather. For sports and leisure purposes, warm weather will create great conditions to explore the area or to bring excitement along challenging or complex routes.

Winter contains more dangers for boaters. Not only will adding discomfort to outdoor activities, but the water temperature is also affected. Depending on your location, ice may become a dangerous problem. Some winter kayak trips may require a guide to ensure safety and security.

Is kayaking good for health

After knowing what kayaking is, you might wonder if kayaking is good, or why you should join the sport. Kayaking is a great way to exercise, and it can be adjusted to your fitness level. When you are more confident in sailing, you can paddle faster and begin to increase strength, stamina, and fitness.

Kayaking can burn up to 400 calories per hour, so this is also a great way to lose weight. If you go out for 3 hours, then burning 1200 calories by kayaking is simple and fastest. When you paddle, you will make about 500 paddles in a mile.

Kayaking is not only a great physical exercise but also can help you relax, feel adventurous and possibly a social activity. Playing sports is a great way to reduce stress, and you will find that rowing offers incredible relaxation.

Kayak allows you to spend time with yourself. You can start participating in boating games for a more challenging feel or join a club that will give you the opportunity to interact with other kayakers, and you will have one more new affinity groups.

Is kayaking difficult?

Kayaking can be suitable for many different age groups depending on the difficulty of the water flow. Generally, kayaking can be considered “difficult” because you need to use the strength of your arms and shoulders to use the paddle and push the boat forward.