Water sport

Top water sport to lose weight well (Part 3)

If you are finding some water sports to lose weight effectively, you can reference our recommendation. We have collected top the best water sports to burn calories up to 800 calories in one hour of exercise.

5, Waterskiing

This is another suggestion for your trial.

Starting this game, you are pulled by a strong boat. So, to keep balance your body in the water with series of choppy waves, you will use all strength and energy. It is a good opportunity to improve and practice your core and leg muscles. Or you are fallen in the water. This game requires compulsory skills to overcome challenges.

By the way, you are practicing the whole parts in body naturally without being any pressure about losing weight. Once you have comfortable emotion to enjoy waterskiing, you can reach more benefits from it. Such as, your arms and shoulders will be practiced as a perfect workout. Then it becomes more powerful and stronger.

On average, one hour for waterskiing, you can burn about 408 calories.

6, Water aerobics

Do you impress in doing arobics in the water. It’s new experience for everyone, not only spending on someone for losing weight.

Like you do regular arerobics, but it should be practised in the water. So, your poses will become slower, steadier and more comfortable. You will use up more energy to move in water fluently. Because water has big resistance, you can’t do poses as regular excercises. However, this is a great way to consume more enegy naturally.

This is consequence t burn a lot of calories while muscles and bones become stronger and tighter.

On average, per hour of water arobics can consume about 450 calories. It is more if you use more stronger poses. It’s great when you don’t need to learn new sport but still reach the targer for losing weight.