Water sport

Top water sport to lose weight well (Part 2)

Here we continue to introduce top water sports can burn calorie incredibly, so it’s useful to lose weight well.

It’s better to enjoy water sport but no any pressure to lose weight but still reach good benefits.

3, Stand-up Paddle boarding

This water sport usually calls a short name as SUP. It is a new version of kayaking, but it increases difficult level because you have to face strong waves as well balance yourself in the board while you are standing.

In this sport, you use your foot carefully so that you can handle a board and discover other natural landscapes around. Your legs stand continuously so it is better to build up your endurance and balance ability. 

Only within 30 minutes for SUP, you can burn at least about 123 calories. It is more when you are impacted by strength of wind and waves. 

In general, this sport is favorite for someone loving adventure and danger.

4, Surfing

Surfing is not an easy water sport because it requires enough physical demand, so that surfer can ride the waves strongly.

However, when you can do it, it brings new experience about discovering beauties in the sea.

This sport also requires combination among other body parts: upper back, shoulders to adjust the pad fluently then hands and legs to get balance in the boards. 

Once having a wave hits the board, it causes force to your muscles so that you need to have enough power to maintain core muscles clearly.

Unless you can’t overcome strong wave, your board can be not balanced, so it causes danger and risk for you in the surface of water. You need to focus 100% energy and mental for surfing.

When you can do it successfully within 30 minutes, you can burn about 125 calories or more. It depends level of waves and wind you are facing, then you have to consume calories rate properly.