Water sport

Top water sport to lose weight well (Part 1)

Water sport is one of the most favorite sports in the modern life. It brings relaxing and comfort when you are immersing under the water. Further water sports have a lot of benefits for health and mental.

One of great benefit from water sport is to lose weight effectively while it doesn’t cause any pressure as a task, so people enjoy it naturally but still can reduce some kilograms.

In this article, we share top the best water sport which is the most useful to lose weight.

1, Swimming

Estimated that one hour for swimming can burn up to 450 calories. 

Whether you practice freestyle or butterfly swimming type, this sport is useful to build up and improve muscles mass and bone stronger. It also contributes to optimize cholesterol level and is good for cardiovascular system. Then by some natural ways, it helps you to lose fat through burning a lot of calories when practicing in some hours.

However, you need to swim logically, then it can bring good effect.

It’s better to combine other body parts like leg, hand, shoulder and head to create good poses. 

2, Kayaking 

Kayaking is a new water sport be popular with the young in the recent time.

It’s great to discover landscapes of river, lake or cave by kayaking. It brings a lot of peace and comfort for your trip.

Furthermore, kayaking is a good exercise to improve cardiovascular system and muscles around shoulder, upper back, triceps and biceps. Then it impacts your bone more durable and thinner.

In general, one hour you can burn in kayaking, you can burn at least 205 calories. However, you don’t have feeling or pressure that you are doing exercise to lose weight. This process is natural and effective whereas you can enjoy beauty of the nature.