Water Polo


Water polo was officially played at the Olympic Games in 1900.

However, it is not England or Germany that Hungary is the most successful. The Hungarian team once owned the famous player Deszo Gyarmati. This player helped the Hungarian team to win 4 Olympic gold medals.

In addition to competing in the Olympic Games, water polo has many specialized tournaments. Specifically, the world water ball championships, the European countries championships, the teams of Germany, England, Hungary are the strongest water teams in the world.

Have you ever played handball underwater? This is a pretty interesting sport. Please refer to how to play waterball throw this!

How to play water polo

As mentioned above water polo has a similar playing method as handball. The two teams compete against each other in 4 innings, each playing for 7 minutes. The player scores by throwing the ball to the opponent’s goal keeper.

During the game, players can only use one hand to play. Only two goalkeepers from the two teams are the only ones who can use their hands to play the ball. Each team will play 7 players on the field including the goalkeeper. The number of substitutes for each offense is 6. After scoring, each team has the right to replace these 6 players in turn.

Besides playing, players also need to follow the rules of the game. Specifically, do not hold the ball for more than 30 seconds, do not use two hands to play the ball. Players on each team cannot stay on the opponent’s side of the field for more than 20 seconds.

During the course of the game, you must not throw water at the opponent, avoiding faults. In official water polo matches, if a player fails five times, he will be allowed to leave the pitch. After each foul, the opponent will receive a free throw.

In official play it is like that but the water ball can be played very spontaneously. On hot summer days just gather a few people pool who split into 2 teams. Then proceed to play ball. Water polo will help you enhance your ability to swim and move underwater.

With the introduction of the water polo game, you must already have a better understanding of this sport. And still hesitate, don’t play with water friends and friends right away.