Water Polo

Water Polo – the attractive water sport to young people (Part 2)

Water polo began to become a team sport in 1900. Germany is the oldest participating country in this sport. However, it was not until 1928 that the German Olympic Games won the Gold Cup.

The most successful country with Water Polo for decades is Hungary. The country has for decades owned the star Dezso Gyarmati – the most successful water ball player of all time. During the 5 Olympics, this player won 4 gold medals and 1 silver medal.

What is the rules of Water Polo?

A water polo match takes place when all the players, water balls, playgrounds and referees are present. The venue for the matches is underwater in different locations. Water polo court is 20 x 30m wide. Each playing team will have different tactics and roster like in football. However, it requires physical and is the hardest sport to play.

A water polo match has 4 rounds, each lasting 7 minutes. The duration of the game does not include the time the ball was dead. Each team has the number of main players participating in the competition is 7 people. Players are required to wear swimwear and a helmet when competing.

Two teams throw the ball back and forth into the opponent’s goal. Every time you throw a ball into the goal of the team you will be awarded 1 point. During the course of competition, athletes must not touch the lake and the lake bed. Athletes use only one hand to throw and pass the ball. Particularly, the goalkeeper catches the ball and passes the ball with two hands.

Rules of water polo competition also have some similarity as for football, such as offside, penalty, bad play, etc. In case of necessity, red cards and yellow cards can be used for punishment. The referee is the person who has the right to make a sanction decision to the athletes. The distance from the free throw position to the goal is 4m.

Water polo is a difficult sport to play but extremely attractive. Today’s article hopes to help you understand what the Water Polo concept is and the issues associated with it. Wish you good play this subject!