How to do Kayaking well

Water sport is the best option for summer vacation. It’s great when the weather is idealistic to enjoy the cool water in swimming pool or lakes, rivers and in particular in the sea.

Among many water sports, Kayaking has been focused dramatically recently. The truth that it brings new experience for player when they can steer paddle and move boat in water by themselves like fisherman. They can go around any place and explore the natural views like explores.

If you tend to try kayaking in the next vacation, you should follow this article. We share basic information to do kayaking well and simply in the water.

Firstly, let it image about Kayak

In general, it is a slim boat, pointed by one kayaker who sits and uses paddles to steer then arrange movement on the water by herself/ himself. It is normally covered by cockpit to avoid wet for paddler because he sit in a low seat so it’s easy to touch water in moving.

Secondly, difference between kayaking and canoeing

Someone confuses that kayaking is familiar with canoeing. Actually, they are different sports. Because paddles in kayaking and canoeing are completely different. In kayaking, paddles will have total two blades which is turned at 90° correctly so that it is better to kayaker steer it and move it in the water whereas canoeing only consists one paddle which is shorter than kayaking’s paddle. In general, doing kayaking is more difficult and complicated when you have to use paddle as compulsory condition. While canoeing can be designed electric motors or gas motors to move the boat. It means you only need to sit and focus on the sightseeing.

Finally, types of kayaking

There are some major types of kayaking, including kayak touring and sea kayaking

Kayak touring means your purpose is to discover the landscape almost by a boat and using kayaking as the main vehicle.

Whereas sea kayaking is to focus on using to more adventurous views with more complicated skills. Then you can take advantage of your kayaking skills.