Synchronized swimming

Maria of Thunder: Olympic champion athletic performance in synchronized swimming (Part 3)

The competition in the national team is very difficult, the talented juniors exhale at the back, but Maria finds her place in the team. As a relatively large girl (172 cm tall, weighing 61 kg), in the team, she played the role of “Atlanta”. That is, in the supports, she’s downstairs and holding a teammate on her shoulders, is a springboard to jump. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to touch the bottom with her feet, this athletic work she does while holding the water.

Ball and back

In 2008, after winning the second Olympic Games, Maria Gromova decided to suspend her career. After the victories in all possible tournaments, it is hard to find the next motivation for the performances, and the athlete leaves the pool.

She spends her free time sensibly, devoting it to her studies. Unlike many athletes, she chose not to be a institute of physical culture, but an institute of economics, management and law.

However, it is always difficult to accomplish career after only twenty-four years. Two years later, Maria Gromova, along with several other girls in group exercises, returned to the team and began preparing for the 2012 London Olympics.

Tatyana Pokrovskaya has prepared the Lost World Islamic program for the main tournament for four years, the preparation taking place in strict secrecy. Opponents from other teams have repeatedly borrowed particularly spectacular techniques from the Russian team and try to avoid repetition.

The new program has a lot of the most complex technical elements, has about ten emissions and support. Special responsibility rests with Mary, who, with such factors, is a special foundation for a complex project. However, she did her job perfectly and helped the team to another victory, thus becoming the Olympic champion three times.

In 2012, Maria Gromova made the final decision to leave the sport and leave a positive career.