Synchronized swimming

Maria of Thunder: Olympic champion athletic performance in synchronized swimming (Part 2)

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At the age of sixteen, Maria Gromova entered the country’s main team, under the command of the head coach in synchronized swimming Tatyana Pokrovskaya. Orders in the team are quite difficult. Basically a maximist, Pokrovskaya sought to sharpen every element of the program to an ideal level, forcing her students to repeat the same repetitions.

The pool where the synchronous training took place was empty after the evening, swimmers and people jumped out of the tower, but Maria Gromova and her friends on the team practiced to the point of exhaustion, sometimes pulling up to twelve o’clock at night. Under such conditions, it is not even necessary to strictly control young girls outside the training, as they themselves do not have any needs other than rest and sleep.

These extraordinary efforts are not in vain, the Pokrovskaya wards have always taken first place in major tournaments. In 2001, Maria Gromova became a world champion in group exercises for the first time in her life, then the same year she won the European Cup.

Collect medals

For the first Olympics in 2004, Moscow athletes were in the state of many world champions. In 2003, another gold medal of the world championship was won, and the European Cup won. However, the Olympic Games are a special tournament in which sports fans forget about hockey and football and discover other sports, including synchronized swimming.

During preparation, the stop in the country’s national team became the real barracks. Each day has two training sessions, each lasting at least five hours. After such a drill, the movement of the girls at the tournament became automaticism, they performed the hardest dance steps and assisted with a smile on their faces.

Opponents from China and Spain have tried to catch up to Russian women, but that was not possible. So in 2004, Maria Gromova became the first Olympic champion for the first time in her life.