Synchronized swimming

Maria of Thunder: Olympic champion athletic performance in synchronized swimming (Part 1)

For many consecutive Olympic cycles, the Russian women’s synchronized swimming team systematically collected all the first prizes at major tournaments around the world. One of the gold mermaid of this team is Maria Gromova, who has performed successfully at a high level for more than ten years. During this time, she won three Olympics, to become a world and European champion.

In the article below, let’s look into the life of the Russian women’s synchronized swimming team!

Pool life

Maria Igorevna Gromova was born in Moscow in 1984. Her parents sought to ensure that their daughter participated in sports, tried to attach her to aerobics, figure skating, and skating. However, for these sports, little Masha is a bit big, so I have to find other ways. So synchronized swimming appears in the biography of Maria Gromova. An important role in the final decision was made by the fact that it was the least traumatic sport and the risk of harm to health was minimized here.

Masha went to the pool at the age of six, like all children, for the first time she learned how to float, swim. Gradually, the girls in her group began to perform a number of factors, to reveal their abilities to their mentors. Maria’s first coach was Elena Piskareva, who had been with her throughout her career.

At first, Gromova herself did not want to overcome herself, to perform long-lasting exercises. Like all children, she wants to play, hang out with friends. However, that happened when she failed to perform at a number of children’s competitions, standing at the bottom of the group. There was a leap forward here, and the girl began reaching out to her friends, trying to be the best. As a result, she began to fall into the national junior team of the country, one year younger than girls her age.