Water Polo

How to play water polo

If you are finding a water sport for a team or group, water polo is one of the best choices should be highly recommended.

This water sport is easy to follow as long as you hold some major rules as the followings. After you are clear about rules, you can start this game easily

Firstly, discussion general rules in water polo

We have six regulations as below:

1, any player is owning ball can pass it forwards, backwards or sideways without breaking the rule as the rest water polo players.

2, Except the goalkeeper, all players on the swimming pool need to treat water. Especially no one is allowed to touch the bottom.

3, the dribbling skill follow the fixed rule: ball can be adjusted by passing only one hand or swimming with the head above the surface whereas ball is located between two arms so that it can move through movements of wave from the water polo player’s creation.

4, Goalkeeper can use both hands to handle with ball whereas the rest players in the swimming pool only use one hand to interact with ball. it’s optional to choose the right or left hand.

5, Per team has 30 seconds to possess ball and shooting. After this time, ball should be passed to the opposing team.

6, Not like football, water polo doesn’t have the real offside rule. Only overcoming 2m of opposing goal line, player will be reminded and practiced again.

Secondly, discussion fouls in water polo

To conclude fouls correctly, it requires the referee to have enough knowledge and fast reaction. 

There are major three types of fouls, including: 

Ordinary fouls: it covers the vast majority of the match.

Major fouls and penalty fouls: it happens less but it is more difficult and complicated. These fouls are the main reason to create goals for per team.