How to swim safely in the ocean

Swimming is one of the most favorite water sports for every family, especially in the summer. People intend to go the beach to enjoy their summer vacation and swim. Actually, swimming in the ocean is more wonderful than its in swimming pool because you can feel waves and water rate.

Besides benefits when you swim in the ocean, it has risks and dangers. So, how to swim safely in there? Following this article to immerse useful tips and experiences.

1/ You should understand meaning flags on the beach

Once you are a visitor, you can’t know clearly about danger around the beach. Therefore, the local put flags at some places to warn about any issue. It’s better you know meaning of these flag to understand interpretive signs. Then you have to follow instructions strictly to keep safety for yourself.

Here is some explanations for meaning of color flags:

Double red means that it’s dangerous to swim.

Single red means that it has a little dangers from high hazard or high surf. Be careful when accessing to this area.

Yellow means that danger is in medium level. All hazard, surf and currents are in medium safety.

Green means that danger is low. You can enjoy your sports but still take caution about hazard.

Purple means that dangers can cause from marine life (almost jellyfish).

Another notice that some beaches don’t have flags as signs. It doesn’t mean that this area is safe. You should take care yourself and own good judgment when swimming.

2/ You should shuffle your feet when walking in the water

After swimming a long time, you have a short break in the water. Don’t forget to shuffle your feet to avoid jumping creature under the water.

As researched, several marine life can live in inches water depth. So it’s near locations you swim. When you shuffle your feet, you will not jump on their body, so they don’t cause danger for you.