Water Polo

How to play water polo

Water polo is a favorite team sport in the water. It’s amazing to jump up the cool water and enjoy it with your team, your partners or friends in the swimming pool.

Because it’s a new sport, this popularity has not really developed like love of players spend on it when they start officially. However, this sport should be recommended widely to many people in the world. Even, only watching it, you also feel interesting in activities and transaction of players.

In this article, we will continue to share major rules in water polo. After our analysis, you feel loved with this sport more.

As referred from the previous article, some rules of water polo are similar with rules of basketball, such as fouls, free throws or time to shoot ball so on. However, there are some different to create new game under water, as following.

a, Players possessing ball have the right to pass ball at other sides: forwards, backwards or sideways 

b, Apart from two goalkeepers of both teams, the rest players have to immerse in the water but don’t touch the bottom of the swimming pool.

c, Dribbling skill: it can be transferred by one hand or passed over the head being on the surface of water. It looks like riding on the wave made by players.

Don’t forget to use one hand for all transaction with ball each other, exception with goalkeepers who can use both hands to prevent movement of ball.

d, Being different from football in the ground, there is no offside rule in water polo. However, all players have to stand further than 2m from the opponent’s goal line, if not they will break the rule.

e, The limited time of possession: any player has 30 seconds to own ball then shooting. After this time, their movement will be invalid and need to pass to the opposing team.