Water sport

Top water sport to lose weight well (Part 3)

If you are finding some water sports to lose weight effectively, you can reference our recommendation. We have collected top the best water sports to burn calories up to 800 calories in one hour of exercise.

5, Waterskiing

This is another suggestion for your trial.

Starting this game, you are pulled by a strong boat. So, to keep balance your body in the water with series of choppy waves, you will use all strength and energy. It is a good opportunity to improve and practice your core and leg muscles. Or you are fallen in the water. This game requires compulsory skills to overcome challenges.

By the way, you are practicing the whole parts in body naturally without being any pressure about losing weight. Once you have comfortable emotion to enjoy waterskiing, you can reach more benefits from it. Such as, your arms and shoulders will be practiced as a perfect workout. Then it becomes more powerful and stronger.

On average, one hour for waterskiing, you can burn about 408 calories.

6, Water aerobics

Do you impress in doing arobics in the water. It’s new experience for everyone, not only spending on someone for losing weight.

Like you do regular arerobics, but it should be practised in the water. So, your poses will become slower, steadier and more comfortable. You will use up more energy to move in water fluently. Because water has big resistance, you can’t do poses as regular excercises. However, this is a great way to consume more enegy naturally.

This is consequence t burn a lot of calories while muscles and bones become stronger and tighter.

On average, per hour of water arobics can consume about 450 calories. It is more if you use more stronger poses. It’s great when you don’t need to learn new sport but still reach the targer for losing weight.

Water sport

Top water sport to lose weight well (Part 2)

Here we continue to introduce top water sports can burn calorie incredibly, so it’s useful to lose weight well.

It’s better to enjoy water sport but no any pressure to lose weight but still reach good benefits.

3, Stand-up Paddle boarding

This water sport usually calls a short name as SUP. It is a new version of kayaking, but it increases difficult level because you have to face strong waves as well balance yourself in the board while you are standing.

In this sport, you use your foot carefully so that you can handle a board and discover other natural landscapes around. Your legs stand continuously so it is better to build up your endurance and balance ability. 

Only within 30 minutes for SUP, you can burn at least about 123 calories. It is more when you are impacted by strength of wind and waves. 

In general, this sport is favorite for someone loving adventure and danger.

4, Surfing

Surfing is not an easy water sport because it requires enough physical demand, so that surfer can ride the waves strongly.

However, when you can do it, it brings new experience about discovering beauties in the sea.

This sport also requires combination among other body parts: upper back, shoulders to adjust the pad fluently then hands and legs to get balance in the boards. 

Once having a wave hits the board, it causes force to your muscles so that you need to have enough power to maintain core muscles clearly.

Unless you can’t overcome strong wave, your board can be not balanced, so it causes danger and risk for you in the surface of water. You need to focus 100% energy and mental for surfing.

When you can do it successfully within 30 minutes, you can burn about 125 calories or more. It depends level of waves and wind you are facing, then you have to consume calories rate properly.

Water sport

Top water sport to lose weight well (Part 1)

Water sport is one of the most favorite sports in the modern life. It brings relaxing and comfort when you are immersing under the water. Further water sports have a lot of benefits for health and mental.

One of great benefit from water sport is to lose weight effectively while it doesn’t cause any pressure as a task, so people enjoy it naturally but still can reduce some kilograms.

In this article, we share top the best water sport which is the most useful to lose weight.

1, Swimming

Estimated that one hour for swimming can burn up to 450 calories. 

Whether you practice freestyle or butterfly swimming type, this sport is useful to build up and improve muscles mass and bone stronger. It also contributes to optimize cholesterol level and is good for cardiovascular system. Then by some natural ways, it helps you to lose fat through burning a lot of calories when practicing in some hours.

However, you need to swim logically, then it can bring good effect.

It’s better to combine other body parts like leg, hand, shoulder and head to create good poses. 

2, Kayaking 

Kayaking is a new water sport be popular with the young in the recent time.

It’s great to discover landscapes of river, lake or cave by kayaking. It brings a lot of peace and comfort for your trip.

Furthermore, kayaking is a good exercise to improve cardiovascular system and muscles around shoulder, upper back, triceps and biceps. Then it impacts your bone more durable and thinner.

In general, one hour you can burn in kayaking, you can burn at least 205 calories. However, you don’t have feeling or pressure that you are doing exercise to lose weight. This process is natural and effective whereas you can enjoy beauty of the nature.