Basic guide about kayaking for beginners (Part 2)

There are 2 types of tourist kayaks as follows.

Day-round Kayak

This type has enough room for a day or overnight trip. They are shorter and more mobile than boats for multi-day trips.

Seagoing Kayaks

They provide ample storage space for long trips. They are longer so the maneuverability decreases.

Kayaks And Things To Know For Beginners

This type of boat is very interesting for children, beginners or swimmers. They have a closed body and hollow upper molds for sitting. This type of easy to climb on and off the boat whether you are on the dock, shore or underwater.

The seats are above the water, so boats like this are often larger than traditional Kayaks. It is difficult for a boat of this type to capsize. But once overturned, it’s easy to turn over and climb up.

This makes “Sit-on-top” a good platform for fishing or diving. For this reason, “Sit-on-top” is particularly popular in humid climates. In addition, “self-rescue” drainage holes increase the convenience.

Inflatable kayak

You can think of inflatable Kayaks as a toy. But you will be surprised at their strength and versatility!

This kayak can be inflated with a conventional pump, such as a motorbike pump, bicycle pump, or electric pump. Because they are inflatable, it has a better buoyancy than traditional kayaks. When deflated, most can be carried in a sports bag.

This boat is light, easy to use, can rotate in a small radius area. However, this type makes you take more effort to paddle and slower than the traditional Kayak.

Some boats have a rigid frame to support the boat’s operation, others have the option of allowing the longitudinal bars to be solidified over the entire floor length. This reduces ripples and improves navigation.

A few other types of kayaks are worth noting

Fishing kayaks made especially for anglers. They have fishing rod racks, freezer racks and even fishing boxes integrated into the boat. This type is stable enough to be able to stand up, for better visibility, more effective drop sentences.

Waterfall kayaks are another interesting option for you. They are from 1 to 3m long, have a round bottom, and gradually point to both ends, making it easy to navigate.

Where to buy quality Kayak?

Kayak is very interesting. It can be said that they are one of the most versatile boats suitable for most trips from excursions to offshore exploration. Because of this convenience, the Kayak boat market shows a lot of poor quality products. So when choosing to buy, you must choose carefully.