A Hungarian swimming athlete was arrested in Korea

The Hungarian athlete Tamas Kenderesi was arrested of sexual harassment.

This year’s World Swimming Championships has just ended on July 28 with many records set. However, the impressive achievements in the tournament have been somewhat obscured by the ongoing troubles at the competition and outside the green track. In addition to a series of athletes’ incidents of swimming and abusing Chinese fishermen because of accusations of doping use, the tournament organizers still have headaches about the accident at nightclubs, causing 9 athletes to attend the injury and suspicion of the Australian women. Shayna Jack was discovered using banned substances.

A local police official told AFP that Kenderesi was arrested and interrogated after a Gwangju nightclub collapse on July 27 but did not publish details. Hungarian swimmer officials and the World Swimming Federation (FINA) later confirmed the incident and said Kenderesi was released and returned to the athletes’ village, but the 22-year-old male swimmer would not be allowed to leave Korea for the next 10 days.

In a statement on July 28, the Hungarian Swimming Federation emphasized: “The Hungarian Swimming Federation has contacted the Hungarian Embassy in South Korea to try its best to clarify the charges against Tamas Kenderesi. During the investigation, this athlete is still innocent, but if officially convicted, the federation will continue to take appropriate actions.

The Union condemns any behavior that violates human dignity and requires members of the national swimming team to behave respectfully to the national team and sports tradition. ” Meanwhile, the BTC Award has declined to comment on the incident when it is said that this is a private matter and not directly related to the contest.

After being released, Kenderesi, who won the men’s 200 m butterfly bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games and the European silver medal, rejected the allegations. At this year’s world tournament, this 22-year-old aquarist finished last in the 200m butterfly men’s finals last week.

The arrest took place one day after the nightclub in Gwangju nightclub collapsed, killing two locals and at least 10 people injured, including 9 athletes (6 women) mainly from teams USA, New Zealand football.