10 essential notes you must remember about swimming (Part 3)

9. Do not eat too full before and after swimming

Swimming is a process of moving the muscles, muscles and every part of the body, it is also a sport to help you maintain a good physique by consuming a large amount of energy in the body. So after swimming, you often feel hungry is understandable.

However, do not eat and drink 100% of your empty stomach because it will make you more likely to gain weight, obesity, especially during weight loss.

Advice is that you should only snack after swimming, prefer foods made from vegetables, tubers, fruits instead of foods made from protein, thit, fat, starch, fast food, etc.

10. People with high blood pressure can swim

Patients with hypertension can swim but only swim gently, the pool water is cool, not cold to avoid blood pressure increase and does not prolonged sunbathing. In some severe cases, it is necessary to have a medical examination and careful supervision and guidance of the physician before swimming practice.

Other essential notes

When swimming, if cramps (the most dangerous is the abdominal muscle), need to calmly relax the whole body in an extended position of limbs, slowly inhale deeply and use your hands to press the surrounding points (yes You can also apply pressure to the points on the opposite side of the mirror) and rub gently over the cramp.

When you see the support, notify people around or the rescue department to help bring ashore. In case of being too far from the rescue area or being alone, when you feel better thanks to the above self-management, you must gently swim to the shore.

People with asthma should not go swimming;

If you have skin diseases or inflammation, it is necessary to cure the disease before swimming to avoid infecting others;

People with cardiovascular disease when swimming should have the appointment and close supervision of professional people;

Older people should choose the appropriate swimming style, check their health before swimming, monitor pulse regularly and exercise according to appropriate swimming regime to avoid stroke;

Children who go swimming need adult supervision and help.

Above are the essential notes you must remember about swimming. Hope the information is useful for you.