10 essential notes you must remember about swimming (Part 2)

Let’s continue the list of 10 essential notes you must remember about swimming, the most popular water sports in the world!

4. Drink lots of water

Swimming as well as other sports, according to which, you need to make up the amount of water regularly and fully for the body before, during and after swimming. Because swimming makes the body dehydrated, you need to have a bottle of water ready to replenish whenever you feel thirsty.

5. Do not overexert when swimming

The time for bathing and swimming is long or fast depending on the health of each person. But you should stop swimming when you feel tired or if you have a cold prickly feeling.

To avoid cramps during swimming, do not swim for too long, exercise too much, too strong, too much foot pedal water, to prevent muscle cramps (cramps) suddenly.

6. Clean your ears after swimming

The ear is very susceptible to infection. The water and bacteria that enter the inner ear are the culprits, causing the ear to become inflamed. If not detected and treated early, complications can develop into the middle ear infection and other problems.

Therefore, after swimming, you should clean your ears by wiping dry and using a dry cotton ball to reduce the risk of infection.

7. Take good care of your private parts

The private area needs to be cared for carefully and carefully after contact with swimming pool water because they are at risk of being “attacked” by chemicals, bacteria, viruses and hidden pathogens. art.

Take care of your private parts carefully, you can even use more gentle cleaning solution to “clean” the germs that threaten to “the girl” and “the boy”. Especially for women who are in or before and after 3 days of red light, or are treated for gynecological infections, they should not go swimming.

8. Regular and reasonable frequency

In order for swimming to be effective in treating and improving health, exercise must be regular and continuous, at least 3 sessions / week. Need your strength, not impatient but gradually increase the time each workout to suit your health.