Water sport

Top water sport to lose weight well (Part 1)

Water sport is one of the most favorite sports in the modern life. It brings relaxing and comfort when you are immersing under the water. Further water sports have a lot of benefits for health and mental.

One of great benefit from water sport is to lose weight effectively while it doesn’t cause any pressure as a task, so people enjoy it naturally but still can reduce some kilograms.

In this article, we share top the best water sport which is the most useful to lose weight.

1, Swimming

Estimated that one hour for swimming can burn up to 450 calories. 

Whether you practice freestyle or butterfly swimming type, this sport is useful to build up and improve muscles mass and bone stronger. It also contributes to optimize cholesterol level and is good for cardiovascular system. Then by some natural ways, it helps you to lose fat through burning a lot of calories when practicing in some hours.

However, you need to swim logically, then it can bring good effect.

It’s better to combine other body parts like leg, hand, shoulder and head to create good poses. 

2, Kayaking 

Kayaking is a new water sport be popular with the young in the recent time.

It’s great to discover landscapes of river, lake or cave by kayaking. It brings a lot of peace and comfort for your trip.

Furthermore, kayaking is a good exercise to improve cardiovascular system and muscles around shoulder, upper back, triceps and biceps. Then it impacts your bone more durable and thinner.

In general, one hour you can burn in kayaking, you can burn at least 205 calories. However, you don’t have feeling or pressure that you are doing exercise to lose weight. This process is natural and effective whereas you can enjoy beauty of the nature. 

Water Polo

How to play water polo

Water polo is a favorite team sport in the water. It’s amazing to jump up the cool water and enjoy it with your team, your partners or friends in the swimming pool.

Because it’s a new sport, this popularity has not really developed like love of players spend on it when they start officially. However, this sport should be recommended widely to many people in the world. Even, only watching it, you also feel interesting in activities and transaction of players.

In this article, we will continue to share major rules in water polo. After our analysis, you feel loved with this sport more.

As referred from the previous article, some rules of water polo are similar with rules of basketball, such as fouls, free throws or time to shoot ball so on. However, there are some different to create new game under water, as following.

a, Players possessing ball have the right to pass ball at other sides: forwards, backwards or sideways 

b, Apart from two goalkeepers of both teams, the rest players have to immerse in the water but don’t touch the bottom of the swimming pool.

c, Dribbling skill: it can be transferred by one hand or passed over the head being on the surface of water. It looks like riding on the wave made by players.

Don’t forget to use one hand for all transaction with ball each other, exception with goalkeepers who can use both hands to prevent movement of ball.

d, Being different from football in the ground, there is no offside rule in water polo. However, all players have to stand further than 2m from the opponent’s goal line, if not they will break the rule.

e, The limited time of possession: any player has 30 seconds to own ball then shooting. After this time, their movement will be invalid and need to pass to the opposing team.

Water Polo

How to play water polo

If you are finding a water sport for a team or group, water polo is one of the best choices should be highly recommended.

This water sport is easy to follow as long as you hold some major rules as the followings. After you are clear about rules, you can start this game easily

Firstly, discussion general rules in water polo

We have six regulations as below:

1, any player is owning ball can pass it forwards, backwards or sideways without breaking the rule as the rest water polo players.

2, Except the goalkeeper, all players on the swimming pool need to treat water. Especially no one is allowed to touch the bottom.

3, the dribbling skill follow the fixed rule: ball can be adjusted by passing only one hand or swimming with the head above the surface whereas ball is located between two arms so that it can move through movements of wave from the water polo player’s creation.

4, Goalkeeper can use both hands to handle with ball whereas the rest players in the swimming pool only use one hand to interact with ball. it’s optional to choose the right or left hand.

5, Per team has 30 seconds to possess ball and shooting. After this time, ball should be passed to the opposing team.

6, Not like football, water polo doesn’t have the real offside rule. Only overcoming 2m of opposing goal line, player will be reminded and practiced again.

Secondly, discussion fouls in water polo

To conclude fouls correctly, it requires the referee to have enough knowledge and fast reaction. 

There are major three types of fouls, including: 

Ordinary fouls: it covers the vast majority of the match.

Major fouls and penalty fouls: it happens less but it is more difficult and complicated. These fouls are the main reason to create goals for per team.

Water Polo

Benefits of joining a diving club

In the modern life, scuba diving is one of the most popular water sports. Through this sport, players can keep fit as well bring a lot of benefits for health. Besides it, joining this sport will have more experience to discover new life in the marine which is different from the human life in the land.

To start this game, you need to prepare many things from technical skills to dive in a long time, ability of swimming, equipment to finding a guide to support you during diving process. In this article, we share one aspect of diving you should prepare being joining a diving club.

Someone said that joining a diving club is not necessary because you can practice it through video on the Internet. The truth that you will receive benefits when entering a diving club.

3/ Financial benefits

You can receive some financial benefits from joining a diving club. 

Firstly, you can borrow aforementioned equipment from partners in clubs. Maybe they own good equipment for scuba diving. While it is expensive. So, you can take advantage of it to save cost.

The diving club has professional lessons to train practically. So, these tips are useful to follow and learn. The club training is necessary to prepare enough information to have knowledge for diving. You also don’t need to purchase online video from the Internet.

4/ Making new friends

Coming a diving club, you can find and talk with someone having the same favorite. Its’ good to share your difficulty, passion or trouble during the training course.

As research, talking with partners is easier than teachers. Therefore, you are not shy to express when finding a proper diver.

Even, you can collect a team/ a partner to accompany with you in the scuba diving trip. Because there are many people the same plan and purpose to go to the diving club.

Water Polo

Benefits of joining a diving club

Diving is one of the most favorite water sports in the summer because it brings a lot of benefits for health, spirit as well good experience to explore new life in the marine. Someone chooses to join a diving class before taking action at the sea. Or they request an instructor or guide to follow in diving process. It’s good because you will have enough knowledge and theory to start diving in safe.

However, some divers who like adventuring and discovery by themselves, they will prefer to join diving without instructor accompanied. How to do it safety. They find a great solution is entering a diving club, contact with others the same hobby, then they will enjoy their trip in sea together.

To understand about a diving club, following our analysis. We share benefits when you are a member of a diving club.

1/ Club training

As well a professional diving class, club has also organized some real practices at the swimming pool or tank so that they train diving skills usefully. During these sessions, members have chances to practice skills to stay physically in the aquatic environment, safety rules as well swimming skill or technique to use equipment fluently.

It’s detail and clear because it’s shared by friends or partner so they feel it’s easy to receive or ask any question.

2/ Available equipment

At a club, they have also normal equipment, even some high technology because they transfer from another to other. Then, you can lend it without wasting time to buy or hire at a shop.

Depending on characters or condition of members, they will have differently available equipment. Furthermore, they also can share tips or their experience in diving process. So, you can improve your lesson naturally and effectively.

You also check equipment carefully before lending so that can sure that it’s in good condition to use safely.


How to do Kayaking well

Water sport is the best option for summer vacation. It’s great when the weather is idealistic to enjoy the cool water in swimming pool or lakes, rivers and in particular in the sea.

Among many water sports, Kayaking has been focused dramatically recently. The truth that it brings new experience for player when they can steer paddle and move boat in water by themselves like fisherman. They can go around any place and explore the natural views like explores.

If you tend to try kayaking in the next vacation, you should follow this article. We share basic information to do kayaking well and simply in the water.

Firstly, let it image about Kayak

In general, it is a slim boat, pointed by one kayaker who sits and uses paddles to steer then arrange movement on the water by herself/ himself. It is normally covered by cockpit to avoid wet for paddler because he sit in a low seat so it’s easy to touch water in moving.

Secondly, difference between kayaking and canoeing

Someone confuses that kayaking is familiar with canoeing. Actually, they are different sports. Because paddles in kayaking and canoeing are completely different. In kayaking, paddles will have total two blades which is turned at 90° correctly so that it is better to kayaker steer it and move it in the water whereas canoeing only consists one paddle which is shorter than kayaking’s paddle. In general, doing kayaking is more difficult and complicated when you have to use paddle as compulsory condition. While canoeing can be designed electric motors or gas motors to move the boat. It means you only need to sit and focus on the sightseeing.

Finally, types of kayaking

There are some major types of kayaking, including kayak touring and sea kayaking

Kayak touring means your purpose is to discover the landscape almost by a boat and using kayaking as the main vehicle.

Whereas sea kayaking is to focus on using to more adventurous views with more complicated skills. Then you can take advantage of your kayaking skills.


How to swim safely in the ocean

Swimming is the best choice for the summer vacation. People usually tend to go to the beach and go swimming. It’s amazing when you enjoy the cool sea in the hot weather. Overcoming other waves, you feel you are exciting.

However, swimming in the ocean can happen some risks. If you are careless, you can be drown. So, this article will share tips how to swim safely in the ocean. Following it to have a safe trip.

3/ You should be aware of rip current

Rip current means that these powerful narrow water flows directly to the sea. Because it has strong power, it can drag you fast without reaction. Therefore, you should be careful with rip currents when you are further seabank. Even, when you are near sandbank, it is still dangerous because waves break directly then drains to the deeper water. It means the shallow sandy area has some dangers.

People are easy to be dragged into the deeper water area due to rip currents. As consequences, you can be drown by these deeper area.

4/ You should stay calm under any circumstances

The fact that there are other hundreds of situations can happen in swimming without preparation before. If so, you should be calm to face and solve it carefully. Don’t panic. Because when worry, you are easy to be stuck to find a proper solution for this case. For example, when you face the rip current and can’t swim back before strong waves. You shouldn’t try to fight with it. Assure you are loser because your energy is limited before strong waves are not limited. As report, there are many people fighting with the waves then failure in tired and distressed status. The best thing you should is that keeping in mind and finding something to float on water like a body board or floam


How to swim safely in the ocean

Swimming is one of the most favorite water sports for every family, especially in the summer. People intend to go the beach to enjoy their summer vacation and swim. Actually, swimming in the ocean is more wonderful than its in swimming pool because you can feel waves and water rate.

Besides benefits when you swim in the ocean, it has risks and dangers. So, how to swim safely in there? Following this article to immerse useful tips and experiences.

1/ You should understand meaning flags on the beach

Once you are a visitor, you can’t know clearly about danger around the beach. Therefore, the local put flags at some places to warn about any issue. It’s better you know meaning of these flag to understand interpretive signs. Then you have to follow instructions strictly to keep safety for yourself.

Here is some explanations for meaning of color flags:

Double red means that it’s dangerous to swim.

Single red means that it has a little dangers from high hazard or high surf. Be careful when accessing to this area.

Yellow means that danger is in medium level. All hazard, surf and currents are in medium safety.

Green means that danger is low. You can enjoy your sports but still take caution about hazard.

Purple means that dangers can cause from marine life (almost jellyfish).

Another notice that some beaches don’t have flags as signs. It doesn’t mean that this area is safe. You should take care yourself and own good judgment when swimming.

2/ You should shuffle your feet when walking in the water

After swimming a long time, you have a short break in the water. Don’t forget to shuffle your feet to avoid jumping creature under the water.

As researched, several marine life can live in inches water depth. So it’s near locations you swim. When you shuffle your feet, you will not jump on their body, so they don’t cause danger for you.


The origin of kayaking sport that you may not know

Kayaking is an interesting sport that uses kayaks to move on the water. Currently, this outdoor activity is very popular in the US, Europe, and is becoming more popular all around the world. So do you know what kayaking is? If not, let’s find out about the origin of kayaking in the article below.

Kayaking is an interesting water sport that uses kayaks to move on the water, with the help of a two-wing paddle. Kayaking is different from canoeing in the seat of a rower. The kayak will sit in the cockpit with his legs extended below the closed deck, the upper body free to operate. Kayaking is often a recreational activity rather than a competition.

What is kayaking?

Kayak is a thin and small boat and can only accommodate 1-2 people on a boat. To be able to play Kayak with your family, you need to choose a boat with 3 or 2 boats. In some localities, kayaks can also be viewed as a canoe. However, kayaking is primarily considered a sports equipment, because the main use of this particular type of boat is often in sports and underwater races.

The origin of kayaking

The first kayak was created by the Inuit. They are made from wood and wrapped with seal skin. Kayaks were originally primarily used to hunt seals and whales and there was only a small space in the middle where you could sit, with storage space in front and behind you.

Kayaks have at least more than 4,000 years of history. Later, kayaks used cloth to cover the outside until we invented fiberglass. The word “kayak” means a human boat or poet hunting to use a boat.

What are kayaks made today? In the 1980s, the first plastic kayaks were produced and they decided to use plastic from there. As a result, later kayak designs began to become lighter and more flexible.

Kayak sizes are often small, and they are made in different shapes and sizes to suit different sailing sports. In recent times, kayaking has become more popular and becoming a recreational sport, especially kayaking on the river and fishing is becoming more and more popular.


A brief history of the formation and development of swimming

Swimming is an underwater sport, due to the impact of the whole body movement, especially the pedal, the hand fan in the water that people can move across the water at different speeds. .

In addition, swimming is a popular sport, interesting and very beneficial, everyone can practice, suitable for all ages and all conditions. Swimming helps to mobilize the whole body, regulate breathing, stimulate circulation, soothe the mind and especially does not hurt joints (back pain, knee pain) thanks to the weightlessness of water. Water pressure plus the pressure of the muscles that press into blood vessels makes it easier for blood to flow back to the heart and lungs.

Swimming has been known since prehistoric times. The earliest documentation of swimming dates back to the Stone Age through paintings 7,000 years ago. Written literature dates from about 2000 BC. Swimming competitions began to be held in Europe around 1800, mostly frog swimming. Swimming became a sport at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896.

In 1902 Richard Cavill introduced the style of swimming tummy to the Western world. In 1908 the World Swimming Federation, Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA), was established. Butterfly swimming was developed in the 1930s and was initially considered a variant of the Swimming Frog, until it was accepted as a separate swimming style in 1952.

Swimming content is very wide. Currently, swimming in competitions at the Olympic Games and World Swimming Championships consists of four parts: sports swimming, diving, water polo and art swimming. These four sections soon became four independent competitions soon.

The form of swimming in swimming is very diverse and plentiful. Currently, many types of swimming activities are being widely developed, including the following types: Sports, practical swimming, mass swimming, special swimming.

The public swimming activity taking the criteria of physical enhancement to enrich the spiritual life such as health recuperation swimming, relaxing swimming, water games, health-promoting swimming, slimming swimming have developed strongly in many parts of the world and has become an integral part of modern swimming.

This is because this type of swimming does not require high technology, fast speed, and has a simple and diverse form of operation, so this type of swimming has become more and more popular. The type of public swimming is increasingly developing rapidly, becoming an important part of modern swimming